Hello World!

Hello World!

It’s been a crazy year and I feel ready to share my stories and thoughts. But I do ask that you bare with me because this is a whole new monster to me. As far as blogging, I usually just use my tumblr to post quotes and images and whatever else interest me. But as far as inviting people into my life….well…that’s definitely new. At first glance I’m sure I look like the epitome of an extrovert when in fact I am very much an introvert. I’ve been journaling since I can remember. There is something about taking a pen to the paper that feels very therapeutic. But I would take it a step further creating collages that matched my moods and thoughts alongside my writing. Spending hours on my journal. Anyways…

Will this blog be personal or about countless beauty rituals?…probably a little of both but heavy on tutorials and behind the scenes stuff. I remember when I started my tumblr account, I didn’t think it would grow to so many followers. But it didn’t grow until I started posting personal pictures pertaining to my tightlacing and lifestyle. Until then I only had a 100 followers or so. Then the questions began…then instagram came along and that exploded. lol but with that I realized I had to come out of my introvert tendencies and welcome people with open arms. I have received so many kind emails, comments and messages in general so why not. That is not to say I have not received my fair share of negativity but “I’m not about that life” and could care less.

So not only will I be updating my blog on all my shennanigans (that word kills me) but I will finally brave the “Vlogger”frontier as well so please feel free to drop me an email on some subjects you’d like me to cover. I already have a good idea on what I should cover…yes I know you want to know about my tightlacing lol Oh and to the dudes that keep sending me date requests via my contact sheet….STOP. Jeez.

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