Catcalling is Not Cool Bruh

Catcalling is Not Cool Bruh

REPOST from a post I wrote on my tumblr after attending an event at Fashion Week.

You know…everytime I walk home from one of my events, I have my headphones on but no music playing. Why? So whoever is catcalling me might assume I can’t hear them & so I can hear if someone is sneaking up on me.

Since I don’t have music playing I can hear all the fucking cat calling.

And to those who are going to tell me “well you shouldn’t dress that way..” Bitch I bring a second set of clothing to ebb the catcalling. Either way IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU WEAR, YOU’RE NEVER ASKING FOR IT. Stop perpetuating rape culture.

I dream one day, I won’t have to bring a second set of clothing. I dream that I won’t need to pretend I’m on the phone. I dream that I won’t cringe when I forget my headphones. I dream that I could walk down the street & dudes will not DEEM IT NECESSARY to say gross shit or dry hump the air as I walk by. And when they do say things, it’ll be like “awesome outfit!” Or “I don’t mean to bug you but I just wanted to say you look wonderful. Have a nice day!” There’s ways to compliment without objectifying a woman.

I can dream right?
Until then, I do take precautions because unfortunately that’s the world we live in currently. I see you ladies..I’m right there with you in the movement. To the fellas who are fighting alongside us, I salute you. You realize feminism is not about “treat her right because she’s a woman” it’s about “treat each other with the same respect because we’re all human.”

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