Hey Everyone! My First Vlog is Up :)

Hey Everyone! My First Vlog is Up :)

SOOOOOO…it’s finally up! I have to admit it was a bit nerve wrecking because although I look like an extrovert I’m really an introvert. More on that later! But as I stated on my video and on a previous blog post, it is one of my New Year’s Resolutions to start vlogging. One because I believe in doing the things that scare you but also because I want to invite you into my world. In order for me to tell the real story, I have to do it myself. There has been countless people interpreting my life and presenting it drastically incorrectly.

I address a few points that have been bothering me and I decided to allow the moments of vulnerability to show. I filmed this video several times. Each time, certain topics would get to me I would stop recording. Take after take I realized these are my feelings and that’s that. I think the reason why I have been asked to vlog so often is so you can get to know me. My heart did break with this experience due to my portrayal but not because of what I look like but how that affected those who have an interest in corsetry or just being the black sheep.

I know I’m different. I’ve always known. In fact, in elementary school, my little sister went to the guidance counselor complaining as to why she has such a “weird” sister. Although my sister felt this way, I have a loving family that made me feel unique. “Weird” wasn’t a bad word in my household. It just meant you were different. You were special. I wanna thank my family for being so amazing, supportive and loving. I know that is a very lucky thing to have. I know there are others like me who aren’t as lucky. So I would like to be their family and show them it’s more than ok to be you. It’s AMAZING.

I hope you enjoy the video. I have one ready to go up this Saturday 🙂 and working on two more. Bu those will be exploring the differences between a girdle and corset. Ah and I will be setting up a Q&A since it has been requested several times as well!

Thank you again for inviting me into your lives and I hope you enjoy your stay in mine <3


P.S. Oh and here’s an article about being an Introvert and what that really means. A lot of people confuse it with being Anti-social.

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