Real Corsets vs. Social Media “Waist Trainers”

Real Corsets vs. Social Media “Waist Trainers”

Hello my loves! <3

I wanted to drop some #TruthTea about these so called “waist trainers” you see celebrities endorsing & all over social media. If there’s something that really bugs me is seeing my corset enthusiasts be lied to, misinformed and taken advantage of. These “waist trainers” are actually GIRDLES NOT Waist Trainers. Know the difference.They BOTH serve a DIFFERENT function and purpose. Also notice that most of the people that ENDORSE these products have a slim or hourglass figure to begin with. It’s very misleading. I think that’s really messed up. When I see certain people try to push them. It’s disappointing. I get emails from several women asking why these fajas/girdles don’t give them the shape that “The Endorser” has…that makes me so upset since you invest money in hopes that u will see certain results but end up disappointed. To these people $50-80 is not a lot to spend BUT to the mass population it is!


I have seen “shock” tactics used to sell their product. “It’s like a corset but less painful!


A corset is uncomfortable if:

  1. You purchased a low quality “Fashion corset” 4 waist training
  2. Bought the wrong shape
  3. Can’t use an “off the rack” (non-custom) corset but need a custom (Me)
  4. Bought the right shape BUT did not season (Break-In) your corset properly
  5. You’re lacing too tightly too quickly


Notice that Real corsets come in different shapes to serve different purposes & fit different body shapes. Where as these girdles work under the “one size fits all” construct & have a tendency to roll up or down.


Note: I love GIRDLES. I love all shapewear! But a girdle that is listed as a Waist Cincher DOES NOT work like a Waist Trainer. In fact there is more support with a corset than a girdle. I find these girdles have a tendency to dig into your skin & loose it’s shape over a period of time.



Many of these companies FALSELY use MY IMAGE to sell their products. If they have to lie to sell their item, what does that say about their product? AGAIN, I HIGHLY recommend heading over to where you will find comprehensive videos that will give you the RIGHT INFORMATION. Above I posted a snippet of the great info you will find on Lucy’s videos.


Here’s is the link to the article comparing Waist Cinchers & here’s the video!



I’m not stating you need to use a corset because I think you’re awesome just the way you are! BUT if you are curious about corsets and/or REAL Waist Training then I want to point you to the right direction 🙂


Please share this as much as you can!


Be safe & happy lacing xx

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