Corset Fetishist Final Cut

Corset Fetishist Final Cut

Hey lovebugs!
The video I filmed last year that I never got to release is now live! Unfortunately during editing the viral video broke out….bleh. This was suppose to be the introduction to my future videos regarding my personal experience with tight-lacing. Thank you to the team that helped me and worked so hard on editing. Thank you for being so supportive (patient too) and vocal about seeing the final result.
When it comes to the standards of beauty I always felt there should be no limitations. This goes beyond wearing corsets and having blue hair. It’s much bigger and deeper than that of course. As a tightlacer for many years, I’ve been called everything you can think of and I actually understand why they feel the way they do. But for me, just because I don’t understand something doesn’t give me the right to bash it. But instead to learn about it. I’m not here to endorse tight-lacing, not because I don’t believe in it but because I’m here to endorse individuality. #Corsets are not for everybody but I know I love them and the community. For those who are interested, it’s important to me to be vocal in directing you to the right information so you can have a safe and awesome experience. I just hope to inspire those to embrace who they are and learn about different perspectives.  Hope you enjoy the video!



Keep It Weird.


Be love Always xx


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