Ok I’ve had enough of this. There are a number of venders on Social Media that steal my photos pushing their product. They state that if you want to have my silhouette then you should buy their product.

I have never worn any of these products. I would never wear them. They are obviously of low quality. Now you should ask yourself, if a vendor has to steal photos in order to sell your products….then what does that say about them? About their products?

So I decided rather than just blocking these numerous vendors. I am not going to create a Blacklist that you can reference. What these people don’t realize is that this is extraordinarily dangerous and irresponsible of them. Telling women that they can create the same silhouette with a poor quality corset and without any guidance, places these women’s health at risk. Who gets the blame? Not them. THE CORSET COMMUNITY. I have had enough. So they’ll be hearing from my lawyers. Here is the vendor in question:

All My love xx


*Update* They have removed my photo but continue to  post other models’ photos without consent claiming they have used their product.

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