Happy Bastille Day!….Kinda….


Casual Saturday Picnic celebrating Bastille Day….a little early… at The Cloisters.


Our Hostess Miss Elena has informed us to dress to impress and the theme would be “Rococo” of course! In the spirit of Miss Antoinette we were to “Bring champs and sweets.”


I thought I would never get to wear my custom Marie Antoinette dress ever again….it’s too much of a show piece. I forget who I’m friends with lol This time I did not show up with a bloody neck just giant roses and kept my hair under 12″…you know…it is a casual picnic afterall.






There was laughter, poems, champs and all sorts of sweets! Oh and the usual brave strangers that tip toe near to ask “Are you guys doing a performance?” “Can we take a picture?” or “Why are you dressed up?” To which we answer no, of course and these are our day looks!


Enjoying the beautiful weather while catching up with friends is the best way to spend the summer. Why not do it dressed in petticoats and garters?


Love Always,

Kel xx

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