“Everything you can imagine is real.”

-Pablo Picasso

Recently watched “Comet” a film by Sam Esmail. I liked it. It explores love and parallel universes. Those are two of my favorite subjects. Plus I love a romantic comedy…this one is kinda dark..which normally I steer clear from because I’m one of those assholes that loves a guaranteed happy ending. Although *spoilers* the ending is not really an ending…it’s up to you to decide.

Side note: I love romantic comedies. I love them shamelessly. I find that after a long day watching Joe Fox say “Don’t cry Shopgirl. Don’t cry.” To which Kathleen Kelly responds ” I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.” They embrace, kiss and walk away holding hands with their dog Bently in tow; very comforting. Cheesy. I know but I love “You’ve Got Mail.” Fuck “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Anyways, back to “Comet.” I relate to both characters. The scene pictured below is my favorite. You know when you realize you like someone…like them. It’s so annoying lol I’ve had this monologue… become star struck? You question how could this person exist? This combination of characteristics, quirks and looks is much too perfect….so you wonder if the Universe is fucking with you…hmmm… Or is it that what you’ve imagined has manifested? I feel this is the case, more often than not. Once we have it…well I think we end up doubting it and ourselves. Which send us into self sabotage. We keep trying to convince ourselves that this “can’t be real.” But it is and it’s here waiting for you.

Is it that you become so bewildered that you just end up being an awkward mess? Looking for a “catch.” Which is shitty by the way. The person on the other side feels they have to constantly prove that they’re real and their feelings are genuine.

Not that I know what that feels like…

The scene pictured below is the part I wish I could see IRL. It’s nice. It’s sweet. (Spoilers) Although I’m sure he did not expect her to bump into him during his monologue.  Not many of us would like our love interest to see this vulnerable side. I realize if you’re part of the Internet generation, you follow the “wait 20 minutes before texting back” bullshit rule. That’s so shitty. You know that? Fuck that. Like really? You don’t want to let someone you like know you like them? Life is too short. Just go for it. Love is messy, random and breaks the rules. Don’t try to tame it 😉

Sorry a small ramble.

Anyways, it feels good to see that someone is thinking about you in this way. Because trust me, both of you are freaking out in your own way. I just think it’s dope when you let it show. It’s considered “brave” nowadays….I mean today we consider phone calls to be ballsy…lol

I love phone calls. Text are cool. But hearing the inflection, laughter, gasp and oh so knowing silence smile…it’s nice.

You’re probably wondering why I’m not discussing the movie in further detail. Well, it’s my blog and I do what I want! 😎 lol Nah. I just wanted to touch upon some thoughts the movie sprung up. You watch the couple go through different stages and milestones…or are they parallel Universes?

I watched it and wondered what it would be like to watch your decisions play out. What missed opportunities there were. If you could do some things differently..would you? But then again, everything happens for a reason right? Or is this world a manifestation of our own imagination & feelings? According to quantum physics, this seems to be the case. Or do the cosmos have everything determined for us like? According to the back pages of several magazines, this seems to be the case. I think it’s a combination of all of it. Frequencies, energies and all that crap.

Some parts of the movie, was hard to watch because it reminds you how you should’ve been braver or more loving at certain times in your life. You wonder..what if? There’s a conflict in me because I feel when something is meant for you, it will Always be yours. It just always has a way of finding you. But I do believe in taking matters into your own hands as well. Does it always turn out the way you pictured it in your head? Nah. Sometimes better! Or when it doesn’t, you meet someone who made you realize why it hasn’t.

This movie was dope. It reminded me to just go for it. Although that is my mantra…wait nooo. My mantra is “Fuck it. Just go for it.” Ya gotta risk big to win big.



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