I watch you crawl to Me. you stop at My feet but you don’t dare look up. I order you to light my cigarette. The *FLICK* of the lighter echoes as you wait patiently for the privilege to take in My smoke. To eat My ashes. And if you’re good, eat what’s left of this lipstick stained cigarette. I can’t help but laugh as you struggle to keep your composure.


I take a pull.


I signal you to come closer.



you better inhale it all. Don’t let it go to waste. NEVER forget to thank Me. Or a swift kick to the balls will remind you of your place and gratitude. BUT I know I won’t need to for you’re so well trained.

“Are you hungry?” I ask.

Yes, Goddess.

“Of course you are.”

I am the cruelty you crave.

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