KLD x Orchard Corsetry β³πŸ’•

KLD x Orchard Corsetry β³πŸ’•

Are you screaming? Because I’m screaming!!!

So a while back I reached out to OC to see if they’d like to do a collab. Honestly, I didn’t think they would want to since they’re such a huge company. BUT I was meant with such awesomeness from their team and overall enthusiasm!

The reason I reached out to OC for a collab was due to their reputation in our community. Everyone raves about their corsets in terms of quality and fit. Seriously, I think I’ve seen everyone in their mesh corset! I was curious, if I a seasoned tight-lacer could fit into their corsets. I have only purchased custom corsets due to my unique dimensions and I’m short as fuck sooooo most corsets are way too long for me. I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised.

If you want to find out how then just click on the video below and take a look!

Much love to Brittany and the crew at Orchard ❀️

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