SCOTLAND: Part One ❤️

SCOTLAND: Part One ❤️

One 6 hour Flight & Connecting Hour Flight in Ireland later…..

We’re in Scotland ❤️

I’m just a big of nerves because now I’m in my husband’s territory. His old haunts, life-long friends, family and memories. I can tell he was nervous too but the excited kind of nervous. As soon as we arrived my in-laws were there waiting for us. It was nice to see their familiar faces. Sure enough, whenever Barry is around other Scots his accent becomes prominent. Which I think is adorable. From the airport we went straight to the market to stock up our AirBnB. Barry lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. Back in New York, every time we’re in a supermarket he would rave about how Scotland had much better choices and overall quality of food. He was not lying. SO MUCH BETTER.

Since we were only in Scotland for 16 days we wanted to take advantage of the time we were here. Running on no sleep and a mean case of jet lag, we managed to visit family and drinks with his pals. I wish I had video from that night because it was a very memorable home-coming for Barry. But I felt maybe having a camera around would be too invasive. Barry is older than me so he doesn’t come from the “let’s document everything” generation like me lol But also I don’t think it would’ve made a good first impression.

BUT I was able to take video of the first half of our stay. Click on the video below to see what we were up to 🙂

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